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Hey! Thanks for visiting.

In 2008, I attended the Key West Literary Seminar (KWLS) as a participant in Dara Wier's poetry workshop.  Dara asked us why we write. As each poet shared his/her/their response, I had the idea to ask the question to emerging and established writers and share their answers. 

"Why I Write" was initially launched under the name "Why Do I Write" shortly after I returned home from the 2008 KWLS. The series was housed in my now retired blog I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin.  (Points to you if you recognized the nod to Anne Sexton's poem "With Mercy for the Greedy.") The series was operational through 2009.


Now, I've resurrected "Why I Write" with its own website.  All of the previous entries are posted on this website, and I'm excited to share new entries are being posted. 

I hope you enjoy "Why I Write."


With appreciation,



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